Monolith Collection By Bentley and Clodagh Design

Monolith Collection By Bentley and Clodagh Design


recently introduced the Monolith Collection, a group of broadloom carpets designed in collaboration with Clodagh Design.  The two patterns in four construction methods are inspired by their namesakes-monolithic formations known as Morro and Uluru. Both patterns are available in Loop and Shear.

Monolith Collection By Bentley and Clodagh Design

Geometric Effect in Neutral Palette

Monolith, which is "reminiscent of a map of connected streets and roads or the crevices and cracks in dry flat plains," provides a sense of being grounded. The large-scale pattern of Morro Loop and Morro Shear, as well as the small-scale pattern of Uluru Loop and Uluru Shear, create a three-dimensional surface design that combines strong geometry and neutral colors.

Available in broadloom, the Monolith Collection by Bentley features Antron® Legacyâ„¢ nylon carpet fiber with Bentley's high-performance backing. Both patterns are CRI Green Label Plus certified and Cradle to Cradle certified at the Silver level.

For purchasing information, find a Bentley representative at the company's website. Visit for further information.

Posted November 22, 2013 by Alicita Rodriguez

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