2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl

Swiss rug manufacturer Ruckstuhl‘s 2013 Collection brings together nine new designs by an assortment of six internationally renowned designers, each with their own distinctive style.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_Approaching_2

Ruckstuhl’s 2013 Edition is a diverse collection of nine rugs by six international designers.

Hussein Chalayan

, Creative Director of Puma and avant garde fashion designer from London, has created a series of three contemporary oriental rugs that are inspired by the Sil Road – an ancient route that linked The Far East with The West, ranging from China by way of Persia and the Caucasus to Istanbul. Costly oriental rugs travelled by this route to Europe. As a result, each of Chalayan’s designs combine traditional oriental patterns with motifs drawn from modern western culture.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_Approaching

His rug entitled ‘Approaching’ features a traditional oriental rug border, while figures from retro western video games face each other in the centre.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_On_Its_Way

‘On Its Way’, is inspired by screenshots from video processing programs. The numbers shown represent the coordinates and different distances between the city of Chang’An, situated at the eastern end of the Silk Road, and the metropolis of Istanbul, a place of great personal significance for the designer.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_Time_Scanning

The ‘Time Scanning’ rug traces the route of the Silk Road – marking all the relevant stations along the way, starting from the city of Antioch, with a green dot. The blurred black dots on the left side of the rug suggest static television noise. The yellow line which divides the two areas from one another symbolises the scanning of a map.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_Balance

For the ‘Balance’ rug, Spanish designer Victor Carrasco has come up with a sensitive dialogue between colour and form. The strong colour tones of the round woollen rug dissipate like a watercolor painting gradually fading out into white. ‘Balance’ is available in four colours, including maize yellow and marine blue.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_Crack

For ‘Crack’ and ‘Landscape’ Paris-based designer Arik Levy‘s distinctive design aesthetic is translated into two rug designs. The imperfect geometry of his graphic patterns are produced in relief using a special carving technique.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_Landscape

Subtly shimmering viscose threads highlight the geometric shapes. ‘Crack’ comes in two color variants and ‘Landscape’ comes in three.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_Jamini

atelier oï‘s ‘Jamini’ is inspired by autumn foliage. With the help of the playful pixellation, the colours melt into one another and engage in a dialogue, while the overlapping colour areas suggest superimposed oriental rugs. ‘Jamini’ is available in just one colour shade.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_Logenze

Patricia Urquiola‘s ‘Logenze’ rug shows an irregular geometrical figure consisting of several rhombuses. Inspired by a traditional weaving technique from the Caucasus called ‘Soumak’, the rug looks like a three-dimensional surface. It comes in three colorways.

2013 Collection by Ruckstuhl_Palm_Leaf

Finally, Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune have based their design on the lines of a palm branch. The palm leaf design is made in relief highlighted by the light and shadow. ‘Palm Leaf’ is available in five colour shades.

For more information contact eickeknauer@ruckstuhl.com or visit www.ruckstuhl.com

About the manufacturer: Based in Langenthal, Switzerland, the carpet manufacturing company Ruckstuhl has become internationally famous for its top-quality textile floor coverings. Ruckstuhl sums up its philosophy as follows: ‘Since 1881 we have been committed to the highest quality standards, an aesthetic approach to materials combined with a rigorous adherence to ecological requirements.’ In keeping with this, the company processes natural and renewable raw materials into objects of cultural value. Its top- quality natural fibre carpets and rugs are equally suitable for domestic settings and for the contract sector. Effective acoustic panels complete the assortment. A family-run business, Ruckstuhl markets its products in Europe, the USA and the Far East. The company has showrooms in Milan, Paris and New York. 

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