Soft Office Collection by Boss Design

Soft Office Collection by Boss Design

Comprising three different upholstered seating designs, the Soft Office Collection by Boss Design offers an ergonomically sound alternative to sitting at a desk or a table.

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Cega by Boss Design

Made up of Cega, Shuffle and Cocoon, the Soft Office Collection by Boss Design is designed to work together to create flexible spaces for a modern workplace.

The first piece in the collection, Cega, which was featured on Designer Pages last year, is an standalone high-back seating solution designed to provide private space in the workplace. Available as a 360 degree swivel unit for enhanced privacy, Cega is totally symmetrical in form and boasts advanced acoustic qualities. Its contoured design has been intentionally developed to reduce peripheral vision and external noise, whilst the open top structure allows for the correct level of ambient light to pass through the system.

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Shuffle by Boss Design

Shuffle is a modular seating system, which can be specified with either a high or low back. Based around one simple unit, this product can be used for all current office functions associated with soft upholstery. E.g touchdown, partitions, breakout, small or large meeting space. Its ability to create private, meeting and personal spaces means that facilities teams and department managers can re-arrange their office from day-to-day or even from hour-to-hour depending on the task at hand.

Cocoon by Boss Design

The third and final product in the Soft Office Collection is Cocoon. Based around one simple unit, Cocoon can be used for team meetings, collaborative tasks or as a base for the day. It aims to combine the sit and posture from a traditional desk and task seat, with the comfort and feel from a sofa. The high sides, back and roof provide total privacy, shutting off its surrounding environment without the need for interior sub structures. As with the rest of the Soft Office Collection - it can be placed individually or back-to-back as an alternative aesthetic. The unit works with a simple 720mm high table with soft corner for easy access. Power and Data are also available if required.

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Design Director Mark Barrell says "The Soft Office gives people choice. Once a workplace includes soft-seating that is comfortable, supportive and ergonomically correct, there is no longer a need for everybody to necessarily work at a desk all of the time. The Soft Office Concept puts control back into the hands of the user; letting them customize and re-configure their environment to maximize use and productivity."

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About the manufacturer: Founded in 1983, Boss Design is a leading UK designer and manufacturer of high quality, design-led office furniture. The Boss Design product range includes upholstered seating, task chairs, meeting furniture, breakout seating and contemporary tables as well as bespoke product design. The company's extensive manufacturing experience and capability is reflected in its impressive portfolio of international clients.

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