Prān Collection by Pos1t1on

Prān Collection by Pos1t1on

Showing this week at designjunction in London, PrÄn is a collection of modular pendant lamps and upholstered sofa pieces inspired by Indian culture and its distinguishing shapes, flavours and textures.

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Vivid earth tones, precious metals and modularity characterize the PrÄn collection.

Created by Hungarian design studio Pos1t1on, the PrÄn collection is designed to be flexible. The pendant lamps and upholstered sofa pieces can be creatively combined to create a range of different compositions and solutions. Due to their versatility,  the PrÄn pieces work just as well in the home as they do in a hotel lobby, a restaurant or an office.

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Around 50 different kinds of compositions can be created using the pressed metal elements of the PrÄn lamp range, while the PrÄn sofa system’s modular elements can be used to create anything from comfortable corner units to two-seat sofas.

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About the designersPOS1T1ON Kollektíva was founded by five friends as a result of a creative initiative at the beginning of 2010. Their objective is to perform complex design tasks by drawing on the diverse design skills of all five members of the team. Accordingly, POS1T1ON is able to provide services across the fields of graphic design, branding, image design, package design, web design, furniture design and interior design.


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