The Flakes Series by Lars Vejen for HBF

The Flakes Series by Lars Vejen for HBF

The Flakes lounge and table series by Danish designer Lars Vejen for HBF is a flawless blend of beauty and comfort.


The Flakes lounge and table series by Lars Vejen is a simple compositional balance between a few graphically shaped elements.

Classic yet modern, the inviting curves of the lounge chair provide support for relaxed and working postures.


HBF have ensured that all materials and processes used to make the Flakes series are eco-friendly: Made from 95% rapidly renewable wool, the upholstery fabric is complemented by the contrasting stitch detail.  The foam is 3-4% Bio-based soy foam that is “Certipur” certified, which means it has no heavy metals, CFCs or formaldehyde.


The fabrication of the chrome base complies with strict European RoHS® and REACH® requirements and uses a trivalent eco-chrome plating process without chromic acid chemicals.


Paired with the light scale coffee table, these elegant pieces exude a modern aesthetic and support flexibility within the workspace.


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