Shine Bright Like A Diamond: Luxury Trend

Shine Bright Like A Diamond: Luxury Trend

Whether achieved with glass, resin, steel or plastic, the angular lines of cut crystal, jewels and precious stones are providing inspiration for faceted and prismatic furniture and lighting designs.

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Sparkle is a series of opulent stools and side tables by Tokujin Yoshioka for Italian brand Kartell. Although made in clear polycarbonate, the pieces are designed to resemble cut crystal glass, with each one featuring a subtle twist to further enhance the refraction of light between its surface and the surrounding environment.

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Inspired by the emerald cut of a diamond, Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s Bullet Table is made from 18 clear acrylic panels joined at their respective 18 connections.

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Designed by Oscar + Gabriele Buratti, Yanin is a gem-like table with a wooden base clad in smoked and mirrored glass. The piece is also available in white, black, or dark gray lacquered wood.

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Brooklyn-based designer Bec Brittain’s striking Maxhedron lamp is a study in material transformation through light and reflection. When switched off, the lamp’s mirrored surface reflects its surroundings, camouflaging itself within the room. When turned on, the mirror becomes translucent and the lights, positioned in the corners where the glass panels meet, become a constellation of points.


Made from powder coated steel, Dutch furniture and interior design brand JSPR‘s Diamonds lamps have diamond-shaped wire frames with an exposed bulb hung within each of the angular structures. Available in gold and black colorways and in three sizes – small, medium and large – that can be mixed and matched to create eye catching compositions.

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