Nomads: Lighting Trend

Nomads: Lighting Trend

Thanks to featherweight LED technology and innovative material use, lighting designers are finding new ways to create floor and table lamps that can easily move around a space to meet changing needs. Read on to find out how floor and table lamps are lightening up:

Juniper, M Lamp, portable, lighting trend

M Lamp and Rivet by Juniper: Launched in 2011, Brooklyn-based Juniper Design has launched two portable lamps by British designer David Irwin. Introduced last year, the cordless, lithium battery-powered M Lamp is inspired by the archetypal miner’s lamps of 19th century Northeast England. The more recent installment of Irwin’s collaboration with Juniper, the wireless Rivet lamps take inspiration from another relic of the industrial revolution.

Clochard, Martinelli-Luce, lighting

Clochard by Martinelli Luce: A combination LED lamp, occasional table, coin tray, and nightstand, Clochard can be moved easily to meet different needs around the home or in hospitality projects.

Lucente, Hand Made, portable, lamp, trend, lighting

Hand Made by Lucente: The company’s first experiment with fiberglass, Hand Made shows of the material’s lightweight and eco-friendly qualities in the form of an easily movable floor lamp that can also be used as an illuminated pouf. The design is available in a suspension model.

Chiara, lighting, trend, portable

Chiara by Ilide: A hand-molded globe of Murano glass surrounds an inner globe illuminated by a high-performance LED, which operates with a blinking effect that is imperceptible to the human eye, but which reduces the lamp’s energy consumption, temperature, and overall performance during its lifetime.

Lumioblade, LED, lighting, trend

Lumiblade OLEDs by Philips Lumiblade: Lumiblades demonstrate the design potential of ultra-thin, ultra-light Organic LEDs (OLEDs). Available in a wide range of sizes and custom colors (created by mixing RGB molecule materials), panels can currently measure up to 22 square inches and are available in symmetrical and free-form shapes alike.

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