Cubes: Lighting Trend

Cubes: Lighting Trend

The simple cube lends itself to many types of interiors. Adding geometry to walls, tabletops, and furniture arrangements, these lamps show why it’s hip to be a square:

Spigolo, Omikron, lighting, trend, cube

Spigolo by Omikron Design: Designed by Studiocharlie, Spigolo is a freestanding floor lamp made with extruded aluminum profiles that encapsulate high efficiency LEDs. Profiles are connected with a joint that allows each side to be oriented differently to provide direct or diffused lighting.

Cubismo, Cini&Nils, lighting, trend, cubes

Cubismo by Cini & Nils: Cubismo plays with light and shadow with two elements made of 3-D cubes. The top shape reflects light, while the lower form eclipses it, creating an indirect lighting source that can be used alone or in combination.

Ribag, Cubo, wall lamp, lighting, trend, cubes

Cubo by Ribag: Designed to complement a range of architecture with a discreet form, Cubo directs lighting upward or down depending on the desired effect. Die-cast aluminium LED housing in matte white matches a new suite of LED fixtures from Ribag.

Light Cube, Laurameroni, lighting, trend

Elements Collection Light Cube by Laurameroni: Part of a new collection of floor, table, and suspension lamps, the Light Cube table lamp is a cube of burnished and black-nickeled brass with a diffusor of micro-perforated stainless steel.

Seam Two, lamp, cube, trend, lighting

LT02 Seam Two by e15: The table lamp originally designed by Mark Holmes in 2004 has been introduced in solid copper. It is precisely fabricated from three pieces of waterjet-cut copper, which are bent and hand-polished to achieve a unique shine. Each lamp is identified with its own serial number, which verifies its authenticity.

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