Countdown to NeoCon 2013: Casegoods

Countdown to NeoCon 2013: Casegoods

Our Countdown to NeoCon 2013 continues with a preview of casegoods.

Casegoods, Countdown to NeoCon 2013, Jofco, Apogee

Floor 10, Showroom 1033
Inspired by our customers, Apogee improves the work experience by providing workflow and organizational solutions to the private office user. Two workwall types, Architectural and Casegood, create a modern aesthetic while addressing current and emerging work styles and technologies. Designed for Jofco by CSD Studio.

Casegoods, Countdown to NeoCon 2013, Float, Decca

Decca Contract
Floor 3, Showroom 101
Float is a wood casegoods collection that consists of a simple set of components that provide structure, storage and surface. The primary elements are a full-height horizon workwall that is punctuated by a peninsula desk that can act as a work table or an in-office meeting desk. The collection offers a clean, architectural aesthetic that stresses the horizontal lines of the workwall.

Casegoods, Countdown to NeoCon 2013, Geiger, Catalyst Phase II

Geiger International
Floor 3, Showroom 318
Catalyst Phase II
Catalyst is a furniture-based system that equips open and private offices. Catalyst offers storage and technology access specifically tailored to the professions, such as law firms and financial-services organizations. The first to offer an overhead shelf supported only by metal loops, Catalyst now includes gallery panels, post-and-beam solutions (when less storage is needed) and standing tables.

Casegoods, Countdown to NeoCon 2013, Gunlocke, Credentials

Floor 11, Showroom 1126
The finely tailored architecture of Credentials casegoods delivers a distinctive statement, not just about the private office, but about the person sitting behind the desk. A Credentials private office embodies status, confidence and luxury without being trendy or pretentious. It's furniture refined, rather than redefined.

Casegoods, Countdown to NeoCon 2013, TUOHY, Abre

TUOHY Furniture Corporation
Floor 11, Showroom 1159
Abre Collection
An advanced offering of modern, modular case good furniture that addresses multifunctional needs in the workplace, fusing open-plan, private office and conference dynamics through minimal forms, exquisite materials, and impeccable detailing.

Casegoods, Countdown to NeoCon 2013, Jofco, iXy

Floor 10, Showroom 1033
iXy focuses on a new generation of design at work by bringing the open plan feel of today’s benching style into tomorrow’s private space. The inspiration lead to a clean, minimal aesthetic, creating a lean footprint driven by technology and coworking needs including kinetic stations with adjustable height surfaces and mobile pivot tables. Designed by David Allan Pesso of New Studio, LLC.

Casegoods, Countdown to NeoCon 2013, Nucraft, Merino

Floor 11, Showroom 1166
Merino Collection
To meet the needs of today's executives, Merino Collection for the private office neatly blends refined elegance with personal, practical function. On the outside, Merino is clean and precise. Inside, it's rich and warm. Everywhere, attention to detail is uncompromised.

Casegoods, Countdown to NeoCon 2013, Thos Moser, Element

Thos. Moser
Floor 8, Showroom 9037
Element Collection
The Element Collection will satisfy high standards of craftsmanship and design while meeting customization needs. The visible joinery displays evidence of durability, one of the hallmarks of Thos. Moser. With a respect for natural materials, Element Collection enhances both the look and performance of any contract environment.

Casegoods, Countdown to NeoCon 2013, Adesso, Krug

Krug Inc.
Floor 3, Showroom 333
Adesso is the product of more than three years of research, consultation and development – and of our ongoing love affair with beautiful, natural, sustainable wood. Adesso is our finest and proudest achievement yet in private office furnishings, and it delivers a value proposition unlike anything that has come before it.

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