ThermaSol Steam Showers and the Solitude Mobile App

ThermaSol Steam Showers and the Solitude Mobile App

On show at next week’s ICFF in New York, shower brand ThermaSol will showcase an app that allows users to control all functions of their steam shower systems via handheld wireless devices.

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The Solitude Mobile Application by ThermaSol is the world's first mobile app for steam shower systems.

When synched with an installed module that turns the ThermaSol ProSeriesTM and AF Series generators into a network peripheral, users can use their smartphones or tablet devices to control everything from temperature to generator maintenance.

“Our steam shower systems are designed for people to create a highly personalized spa experience at home," said Mitch Altman, CEO of ThermaSol. "The Solitude Mobile Application takes our systems to the next level by allowing users to control every facet of their steam shower (temperature, light, music, maintenance and more) via cell phone or tablet device from anywhere within their home's WiFi range. This is a first for not only the steam shower industry but the residential plumbing industry as a whole."

For those worried about damaging their device in the shower, ThermaSol have introduced a water-proof case  allowing you to watch your favorite YouTube video, enjoy the news, email and more during the steam shower session.

The Solitude Mobile Application is available for download through the iTunes® Store and Google PlayTM, and it's compatible with iOS 4.3 and up and Android 2.2 and up. The app with the add-on module can communicate with ThermaSol ProSeriesTM and AF Series steam shower systems developed from 2007 forward, true to "plug and play" technology.

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About the manufacturer: Since 1958, ThermaSol®, creator of the first steam shower unit for the home, has been designing and building technologically-savvy steam shower and sauna environments. Today, ThermaSol is one of the only 100% digital, fully networked steam systems in the world. It is also one of the only steam shower manufacturers to include Bluetooth® technology in its steam shower packages. ThermaSol, also sells light and music systems for the bath in a line of fog-free mirrors. As a green company, its steam showers use only a fraction of the water needed to power a conventional shower of the same duration. 

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