The Miraflores Collection by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna Mosaics

The Miraflores Collection by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna Mosaics

New Ravenna Mosaics

has collaborated with award-winning designer Paul Schatz to create Miraflores – a collection of eighteen tile designs, including the Medina mosaic.

Paul Schatz Gran Via Concept Board

Paul Schatz’s Miraflores Collection of hand crafted tiles for Ravenna Mosaics are complex abstractions of classic motifs.

The designs are a fusion of different influences, from Schatz’s travels throughout the Latin countries of Spain, Portugal and Mexico, to his passion for Morocco and his studies of Islamic geometric art. The name ‘Miraflores’ means “to watch flowers” in Spanish.

Paul Schatz Castilla Concept Board

The tiles are created in natural stone and can be installed as floors and walls, inside and out.

Paul Schatz Cadiz Concept Board

Sara Baldwin, founder and creative director of New Ravenna Mosaics, explains: “Paul and I worked for many years together as he designed custom mosaics for each of the elegant architectural projects that we created for him here in Virginia. It was clear to me that he had a wealth of inspired ideas from his tremendous love and experience in Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial architecture and interiors, and so for him to create a complete collection was a natural evolution for us.”

Paul Schatz Granada Grande Concept Board

Specifiers should contact the studio directly on (757) 442-3379 or find a stockist through the where to buy page at New Ravenna Mosaics. Alternatively you can browse the collection on Designer Pages:

Medina Stone Mosaic

CB1305PS Alcala

B1309PS Alcazar

CB1308PS Antiquera

B1301PS Avila

CB1321PS Avila

CB1303PS Cadiz

CB1318PS Calla

CB1310PS Calla

CB1311PS Castilla

CB1317PS Granada Grande

CB1304PS Huelva

CB1307PS Jaen

CB1315PS Navarra

CB1320PS Reina

CB1306PS Vittoria

About the designer: Paul Schatz started his firm Interior Design Imports in 1977. Based between California and Mexico, he does both residential and commercial projects throughout the United States and Mexico. New Ravenna Mosaics tile is available in showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Dubai.

About the manufacturer: Based in Exmore, Virginia, New Ravenna Mosaics supply both custom and ready to ship tile designs for imaginative, sustainable, and durable surfaces. The company designs for both residential and commercial clients with over 200 handcrafted designs are available at tile showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, London, and Dubai.

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