Clé Presents Two New Tile Collections by John Whitmarsh

Clé Presents Two New Tile Collections by John Whitmarsh

Earlier this month, Cl© launched two new collections in collaboration with sculptor John Whitmarsh.


John Whitmarsh’s Board Form and Weathered Steel tiles for Cl© have an emphasis on texture and materiality

Handcrafted using reclaimed materials such as pallets, roadside guardrail posts, and discarded metals, the new tiles echo the nature of the Whitmarsh's own work.

Unique processes are combined and used to achieve the finish of these new tiles; for the Board Form range, gypsum cement is used to take castings from Douglas fir panels recovered from old buildings. The cement tiles come in sizes of the original cast panels, and are available in the raw concrete colour with the option of a waxed finish.


His Weathered Steel tiles also uses wax, combined with an acid, to create a dappled patina on the sheet metal, offered in three different square sizes and can be used for floors as well as walls.


These two new collections join Whitmarsh’s existing Reconstruction Studies range, including his End Grain and Utility Pole tiles in ceramic and Container tiles in steel, all exclusively available on Cl©.

About the Manufacturer: Cl© is a new searching and shopping experience for anyone in need of classic tile, ceramic tile, and artistist tile. Cl© is curated and accumulated from two perspectives: yours and theirs. When Deborah Osburn started her blog "tile envy," she hoped to share what she loves about tile, design, fashion and art. What followed would become a remarkable journey of exchange-the act of giving and receiving, with tile at its nucleus. Cl© is the shopping extension of that journey.

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