Bernhardt Design Introduces New Furniture for Spring 2013

Bernhardt Design Introduces New Furniture for Spring 2013

This spring, Bernhardt Design will launch five new furniture designs onto the market. From seating to side tables, the new pieces cater to every space from the office to hospitality environments.

Bernhardt Design Introduces New Furniture_Catherine_111

Bernhardt Design’s new launches for spring 2013 include a variety of seating designs and a line of statement side tables.

Catherine, by Parisian designer No© Duchaufour-Lawrance, is a new lounge chair for Bernhardt Design. Catherine's stylized form is thoroughly modern, yet captures the essence of a European club chair.

Bernhardt Design Introduces New Furniture_Quiet_PR21

Conceived as a series of work and occasional tables, the Quiet collection by Scottish artist Jephson Robb elevates the typical pedestal table to both sculpture and functional object.

Code Green

Code is a new seating collection for Bernhardt Design by Korean designer Jang Won Yoon.

Code consists of eleven modules that juxtapose openness and enclosure. Freestanding lounges, loveseats and sofas are perfect for casual social zones, while taller units with built-in upholstered walls can create pockets of privacy in the middle of a bustling office.

Bernhardt Design Introduces New Furniture_PB_13

Powerbar is the result of a collaboration between Bernhardt Design and Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko, founders of the fashion label Raleigh Denim. Designed for an iPad-wielding generation of creators and innovators, Powerbar’s features are inspired by the textile industry's rich heritage, yet are directly relevant today.

Bernhardt Design Introduces New Furniture_Mirador_25_JRT_MB

Barcelona-based Lievore Altherr Molina have created Mirador, a uniquely elegant and comprehensive lounge seating system that anchors open spaces, whether those be museum foyers, corporate lounge areas or stylish living rooms.

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About the manufacturer: US brand Bernhardt Design was founded in 1983 as the commercial furniture arm of the long-established Bernhardt Furniture Company. Bernhardt Design work with a team of internationally-renowned designers to produce high-quality furniture for the architectural and design communities.

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