DI-NOC by 3M Architectural Markets

3M Architectural Markets

‘ latest surface solution, DI-NOCâ„¢ Whiteboard Finish is a durable, lightweight and easy to install alternative to the traditional whiteboard.

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Suitable for desktops, tabletops and full wall wraps, DI-NOCâ„¢ is perfect for classrooms and office spaces.

Whiteboards can be heavy and inflexible as well as costly to install. As a solution, 3M’s DI-NOC whiteboard surface is available in lightweight 48" x 94' rolls that can be easily applied to walls, desktops, tabletops or even used to refurbish exisiting whiteboards. Standard whiteboard markers can be used on the surfaces.

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For more information visit www.3MArchitecturalMarkets.com

About the manufacturer: Owned by global product brand 3M, 3M Architectural Markets offers flexible, creative and technologically advanced surface finishing and lighting solutions for architecture and interior design. With a wide range of architectural finishes and decorative window glass finishes as well as natural and artificial lighting solutions, 3M Architectural Markets aim to help designers create a complete mood or atmosphere, and define the specific character of any environment. The division's technologies are engineered to create design excellence, enhance human comfort and respect environmental sustainability, globally.


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