Celestial shine: Lighting Trend

Celestial shine: Lighting Trend

The designers behind these lighting concepts have looked to the skies for inspiration. The gentle light of the moon and the celestial magic of the solar eclipse is reflected in their simple circular forms and ethereal glow.

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SYZYGY by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen: When aligned, the sun, moon and planets produce eclipses, transits and occultations, which is what inspired Dutch designers Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen to create this series of lighting designs. The two foremost discs of each design can be rotated by hand to achieve the desired level of light. Just like the sun, the light source itself is constantly switched on. It's only when both discs are turned to the correct possession, resulting in perfect black, that the light can be extinguished.

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Total Eclipse by Siv Lier: Young Norwegian designer  Siv Lier was inspired by solar eclipses when designing the Total Eclipse lamp which was exhibited at Stockholm Design Week earlier this year. Composed of two circular discs, one clear and one solid, the solid disc is rotated to reveal the clear disc underneath allowing users to control the amount of light given out by the lamp.

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Halo Lamp by Nina Bruun: Named after the ring that appears around the sun during a total solar eclipse, the wall-mounted Halo lamp by Nina Bruun reflects the light given out by its LED bulb off a coated-steel or copper diffuser, throwing out a gentle glow onto the wall.

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Solar by Jean-Marie Massaud for Foscarini: Jean-Marie Massaud’s Solar floor lamp for Italian brand Foscarini is a glowing hemisphere made in translucent polyethylene. The light source is eclipsed by a solid shelf that softly reflects the light downwards and outwards creating a crescent moon-shape.

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Radient Wall Sconce by Rich Brilliant Willing: This circular sconce light by New York-based designers Rich Brilliant Willing is made from a minimal disc of oak or walnut that provides an indirect light on the wall. For optimum effect the sconces and can be displayed in constellation-like arrangements.

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