Super Surfaces: Healthcare Trend

Super Surfaces: Healthcare Trend

Healthcare surfaces have a long list of requirements, with important implications. As well as fulfilling basic functions such as being stain-resistant and antimicrobial, these surfaces also have to look the part to create relaxing spaces for patient recuperation. We look at five products that go above and beyond the basic requirements to actively improve patient mood and wellbeing.

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Landscape Linen by Jo Szczepanska: Academy Eindhoven student Jo Szczepanska created Landscape linen after seeing research that showed how simple distractions can minimises the amount of pain a patient experiences. The linens are printed with games and puzzles that can be colored in using the specially provided markers. Made from bamboo, the bedcovers are embedded with natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition, sensors in pillows and sheets allow doctors to monitor the heart rate and sleep patterns remotely, while a patient recuperates at home.

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Drapilux All In One:  Drapilux’s All In One fabric combines air-purifying and antimicrobial functions in one product, ensuring fresh air and ideal room hygiene at the same time.


Feel-Good Glass by Fraunhofer Institute: At just 0.1 macromicrons thick,  this ultra-fine window coating is invisible to the eye but has a significant impact on the mood within a space. By concentrating the transmission of certain blue light wavelengths, Feel-Good Glass alters our hormonal balance to provide a sense of wellbeing.

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SonoPerf: SonoPerf is an acoustic sheet metal material that can be used for ceilings walls and floors. It’s covered in tiny perforations that help to diffuse sound waves and in turn eliminate the resonance and echo of sound to create a more tranquil and peaceful environment. The holes are so small that the surface appears to be completely closed making it perfect for digitally printing images or color onto.

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Cadence by Carnegie: Part of Carnegie’s new healthcare privacy fabrics line, Cadence is a cheery design that uses an innovative new weaving technique. The new method allows for bright clean opaque whites and pops of clean color to be used for the first time on a reversible woven fabric.

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