Relay Arm by Nurture

Relay Arm by Nurture

The Relay Arm is a wall-mounted, flexible monitor and keyboard support system designed for caregivers. Relay’s defining feature is its ease of use; the arm can be stored away up against a wall and then pulled into position and be ready for use in one seamless movement.

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The Relay arm is a monitor support system that is designed by Nurture to be at hand and accessible when needed and able to dissolve into the background when not in use.

The arm is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the clinical environment; operating with a single handle touch point and therefore eliminating the need for adjusting the keyboard and monitor separately – adjustments are made in one simple, continuous motion.

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A simple 14" vertical adjustment  makes the transition from a sitting to standing position and a 55" reach into space to ensures that carers can maintain eye contact with the patient at all times.

A great choice for smaller spaces, Relay stores 7" from wall  when not in use and built-in cable management keeps wires in order. The counterbalance adjustment can support LCD monitors from 17" to 26".

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About the manufacturer: Nurture, the healthcare division of Steelcase, believes in enhancing the comfort of patients and their caregivers in order to create spaces that promote healing and wellbeing. Its line of seating, casegoods, caregiver stations, tables, and technology carts produces a flexible, adaptable environment.

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