Material Matters by Shaw Contract Group

Material Matters by Shaw Contract Group

The latest carpet tile collection from Shaw Contract Group features a series of dark and mysterious designs that take take inspiration from atmospheric matter such as the blurred spaces between light and shadow, smoke and vapor and the subdued geometry of  linear ice.

Material Matters by Shaw Contract Group_4
Haze tile

A carpet tile collection inspired by contrasting solid forms and atmospheric matter

The Material Matters collection is comprised of five coordinating designs, called Embark, Wander, Fringe, Haze and Vapor, that capture subtle reflective highlights of silver, gold and platinum.

"This collection was designed with the intent to be very tonal in color, while conveying a sense of malleability and movement.” said Reesie Duncan, creative director.

Material Matters by Shaw Contract Group_1
Vapor tile

Embark and Wander are are available as 24×24″ tiles while Fringe, Haze and Vapor are available as 18×36 ” tiles. All designs are offered in 12 colors on premium branded Eco Solution Q nylon made from 45% recycled content.

Material Matters by Shaw Contract Group_3
Wander tile

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About the manufacturer: As a division of Shaw Industries, Shaw Contract Group combines the expertise of the world's largest carpet manufacturer with the financial stability of a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. 

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