SHE from Ege

SHE from Ege

Various patterns of SHE by Ege

The SHE Collection from Ege Carpets celebrates female artists and the cutting-edge creatives of the past. With SHE, everything is a celebration of her.

Ege Carpets is a Denmark-based company. They are known for designing beautiful carpets for a sustainable future. Ege Carpets’ WOOL100 concept, which SHE is, is just that: a carpet collection made of 100% pure new wool. This makes for a more luxurious carpet experience. The extra-long and extremely durable natural fibers from Ege live up to the same expectations of mixed wool/nylon.

SHE designers Bilde and Linnea Blæhr

The carpets in the SHE Collection, designed by Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr, are steeped in inspiration from the past. But, it’s not only their own past (a background of interior design and a conceptual approach), but also a shared obsession of design from long ago.

Blue rug of SHE in situ

Bilde and Blæhr are influenced by the women in textile weaving, sculpture, and painted handicrafts who were at the forefront of arts and design. Techniques from the 1930s and 1940s are also at the heart of this female-inspired carpet collection.

SHE in Warm Grey and Burgundy in situ

SHE comes in six delicate patterns. Each pattern in SHE celebrates the unique expression of a line. These lines—inspired by interpretations of weaving techniques, experimental expressionistic shapes, or simple and graphic paintings—are either drawn, cut, or put together by physical materials.

Wall-to-wall SHE carpeting in Burgundy by Ege

Ege offers wall-to-wall carpets, rugs, carpet tiles, and planks that frequently show up in commercial buildings, hotels, cruise ships, art galleries, and exhibitions. Their “Out of Nature” Collection was known for bringing the outdoors in.

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