BainUltra Introduces Thermasens

BainUltra Introduces Thermasens


has introduced a new category of bathtubs, including the AMMA Oval and the Cella Freestanding, that focus on the therapeutic effects of water combined with other stress-relieving treatments. Designed to give users a home-spa experience, the new ThermaSens collection incorporates chromatherapy as well as new technologies called AromoCloud and WarmTouchShell.

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The new collection combines therapeutic bath experiences with chromatherapy, aromatherapy, and built-in heating zones

The collection’s AromaCloud feature an aromatherapy diffuser that releases a mist of essential oils that can be used for toning, anti-inflammatory, or regenerating therapies. Combined with chromatherapy, the fine mist takes on colors depending on the desired effect: red to stimulate the senses, blue to soothe the heart, and green to stabilize emotions. WarmTouchShell, the third technology included in the ThermaSens line, is a series of heating zones built into the bath’s inner shell. Zones are located on the headrest, backrest, and seat and can reach a temperature of over 101°F.

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Because the therapeutic technologies are silent, the new collection is suitable for the high-end condo market. The company is now also offering a new installation type called Theater Stage, in which the bathtub is 10 inches deeper than its outer shell. The construction creates the illusion that the bath and stage area are a single piece, seamlessly integrated into its surroundings.

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About the Manufacturer: BainUltra, a Canadian company, has spent more than three decades helping customers throughout North America improve their personal health. While they've pioneered the development of therapeutic air jet baths, their mission over the years has evolved. Today, they offer an integrated line of products that help consumers improve relaxation, health and well-being right in their own homes.

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