Tetris Tiles: From Digital to Physical Space

Pieces from the popular Tetris have emerged from the gaming world into our physical spaces. Tetris Tiles apply the shapes of these puzzle-like components to Italian ceramics, creating multi-functional indoor-outdoor tiles.  The British company “puts the fun back into tiling” with this new take on mosaics, enabling customized multicolored puzzle patterns to be easily created and installed in any space.

Tetris Tiles. Manufactured by Tetris Tiles.

In the spirit of the original game in which each distinct shape had a unique color, Tetris Tiles can utilize up to seven colors in a given arrangement – one for each distinct shape.  Since the company can match (nearly) any Pantone color-reference, the tiles can be specified in just about any color of your choosing. The tiles are custom cut (and colored) in England, hence the delivery time of up to 3-4 weeks. All orders come with a manual and 500 x 3mm grout spacers, providing for easy installation. Tetris Tiles are a much less expensive option than some of the mural-like installations available through Ann Sacks and offer the ability to customize the aesthetic according to individual preferences.  Better yet, they can be used in both dry and wet locales, unlike Urban Archaeology’s recycled tiles.



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