Introducing iLumi, the Intelligent Light Bulb


is a new breed of energy-efficient bulb that allows users to control the lighting in their home via their smartphone.

iLumi, Texas, bluetooth-enabled, HyperLux, LED,

iLumi is a multicolored, bluetooth-enabled LED bulb that allows users to control the lighting in their homes through their smartphone.

As well as cool and warm white light, this intelligent bulb can provide a huge spectrum of over a million different colors of light. Homeowners can adjust, customize, program and schedule their iLumi bulbs by using the specially designed smartphone app that communicates with the bulb via bluetooth technology. The simple design seeks to provide an alternative to complex lighting systems.

While the bulbs are fully dimmable, the built-in HyperLuxâ„¢ technology ensures that the bulbs provide the brightest light possible when needed. iLumi bulbs come in two sizes – a 100 watt replacement and a 60 watt replacement – and they work with any standard Edison E26/E27 type socket or adapter anywhere in the world.

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About the manufacturer: Based out of the Gravity Center in Dallas, Texas and India, iLumi was set up by Corey Egan and Swapnil Bora along with a passionate team of designers and engineers. After two years of research, design, and development they launched iLumi, the world's most intelligent light bulb that allows users to take complete control over their lighting.

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