Fabulous Flat Pack: Green Trend

Fabulous Flat Pack: Green Trend

Affordable, easy to transport and effortless to assemble, flat pack products are designed to make your life simpler and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. However, it’s not always easy to find products that manage to do this without sacrificing on style. Here we round up five designs that are both flat pack and fabulous.

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Offcut Collection by Tom Dixon: British design brand Tom Dixon has created a collection of solid birch benches and stools that are constructed with wooden pegs rather than screws or glue. As the name suggests, the Offcut benches and stools are made from the edge of the log – an offcut that is typically discarded in conventional furniture production.

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Tetra Shelving by Brave Space Design: Inspired by the retro computer game Tetris, Brave Space Design‘s Tetra shelving consists of modular wooden blocks with colored metal backings. The blocks are easily assembled and can be arranged and rearranged into a seemingly endless array of compositions.

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Sola by David Trubridge: Made in Hoop pine plywood, David Trubridge‘s Sola pendant is a flat pack design that is constructed from intricate shapes designed to look a little like the flares that form and curl on the surface and edge of the Sun. The inside of the shade is painted orange, providing the lamp with a warm glow.

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Brighton Exchange by Brush Factory: Brighton Exchange is a collection of stylish and affordable flat pack furniture and accessories created by design studio Brush Factory. The pieces are  locally manufactured in Ohio from solid hardwood using traditional techniques.

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Caf© America by Grain: This flat pack caf© chair features a lightly tensioned recycled chain-link seat and back that offers a surprising amount of cushioned comfort. Made by Bainbridge Island-based studio Grain, Caf© America was inspired by often overlooked chain link fencing.

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