Top Ten: Put Cork In It

Top Ten: Put Cork In It

Made from a tree but not wood, cork is a fascinating material that hold special powers. Flexible, strong, and renewable, it is harvested from live trees, without having to cut them down. Cork: More than just wine stops.

Top Ten Cork, Vitra, Corky, Cork Furniture

1. Cork Family
DESIGNER: Jasper Morrison
PRICE: $520
H 13″ Dia 12.25″

Jasper Morrison’s cork side tables for Vitra are simple, straightforward, while also visually effective. Suitable for indoors or out, the Cork Family is tight knit and versatile.

Top Ten Cork, Moooi, Corks, Jasper Morrison

2. Corks
DESIGNER: Jasper Morrison
PRICE: $423 – $434
Dia 12.6″, H 13.4″

Jasper Morrison must have had a cork phase, and we are all better for it. These little tables for Moooi look like wine works and a darker color, made from 100% agglomerate cork.

Top Ten Cork, Michael Iannone, Corky Table

3. Corky Table
DESIGNER: Michael Iannone
MANUFACTURER: Iannone Design
PRICE: $650
20″ W X 17″ D X 16″ H

New from eco-friendly furniture brand Iannone Design are these Corky Tables. Mixed materials add texture, with giant blocks of cork mixed with various different wood and bamboo tops.

Top Ten Cork, Ferm, Cork Coaster

4. Cork Coaster
DESIGNER: Trine Andersen
PRICE: $27

This beaded cork necklace is a sustainable and effective coaster. The cork coaster is made up of 15 1-inch cork spheres linked together to provide a resting spot for your hot pots and pans.

Top Ten Cork, DMFD, Chaise

5. Chaise
DESIGNER: Daniel Michalik
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
26″ H x 20″ W x 74″ L

This stunning chaise is made to order by premiere cork worker Daniel Michalik. Known for his way with cork, Daniel is based in Brooklyn and creates both furniture and table top items out of cork mixed with wood.

Top Ten Cork, Michael Iannone, Iannone Design

6. Cork Filing Cabinets
DESIGNER: Michael Iannone design
MANUFACTURER: Iannone Design
PRICE: $995
15.75″L x 21″D x 23″H

Beautifully clad with a ginko leaf design, the cork filing cabinets by Michael Iannone, is made from bamboo and cork for a striking contrast in texture and color.

Top Ten Cork, Cantine Vase, Y'A PAS LE FEU AU LAC

7. Cantine Family
DESIGNER: Véronique Maire
PRICE: $60 – $80

Playful vases that start with the traditional french drinking glasses and use cork to elevate the form to an inventive new level.

Top Ten Cork, Offi, Overlap tray

8. Overlap Tray
PRICE: $179
15″D x 30″W x 8″H

This mobile table is perfect for lounge work, and has a cork side tray where its tactile surface will hold onto pens and cups without slipping.

Top Ten Cork, Skram, Cork Bowls

9. Corkbowl
DESIGNER: Jacob Marks
PRICE: $218
12″ W X 12″ D X 4″ H

Geometric and two-toned, this bowl is a bowl and cork sculpture in one.

Top Ten Cork, DMFD, Sway Stool

10. Sway Stool
DESIGNER: Daniel Michalik
PRICE: $495
H 18″ x W 15″ x D 15″

DMFD’s Sway Stool is an exercise in what cork can achieve as furniture. Simple, functional, yet completely unique from any other material.

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