Top Ten: Contract Seating in 2012

Top Ten: Contract Seating in 2012

This December we are looking back at the best 2012 had to offer. First up is an overview of the top ten commercial seating introductions featured this year on Designer Pages Media — click over to the original posts for a trip down memory lane. 

Top Ten Seating in 2012, Allsteel, BMW Designworks, Clarity

1. Clarity Seating Series
DESIGNER: BMW Designworks
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Designed in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, Clarity combines a pure, honest aesthetic that transcends the floorplan with an unexpected comfort that anticipates your every posture. Read the full post here.

Top Ten Seating in 2012, OFS, Flexxy Swivel

2.  Flexxy Swivel
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

“Continuity among edges and surfaces was critical.” The arm of the chair works as the central piece, connecting the back and seat mechanism. This twisting structure enables Flexxy to optimize strength, and this strength consequently allowed for a thin edge around the chair’s entire frame. Read the full post here.

Top Ten Seating in 2012, Clamshell Conference, Geiger, Herman Miller, Conference seating

3. Clamshell Conference
DESIGNER: BassamFellows
PRICE: Inquire for pricing
27”D x 22 1/4” W x 46 3/4” H

An upholstered wood conference chair is perfect for a versatile lounge, and this beauty designed by BassamFellows for Geiger fits the bill perfectly. Read the full post here.

Top Ten Seating in 2012, American Seating, us chair family

4. Us Chair Family
MANUFACTURER: American Seating
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Comprised of freestanding and fixed seating solutions, the comprehensive family of products can meet a wide variety of commercial interiors furniture needs. The products were developed in collaboration with noted industrial designer Jeff Weber of Studio Weber + Associates and renowned colorist Laura Guido-Clark of Laura Guido-Clark Design. Read full post here.

Top Ten Seating in 2012, Davis Furniture, C.R. Lounge

5. C.R. Lounge
DESIGNER: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger
MANUFACTURER: Davis Furniture
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Known for his minimalist approach, Wolfgang C.R. Mezger’s latest creation, the C.R. Lounge boasts an unexpected mixture of very hard, abrupt lines and very soft, comfortable seating. Read full post here.

Top Ten Seating in 2012, Emeco, Sezz Chair

6. Sezz chair family
DESIGNER: Christophe Pillet
PRICE: $940

Combining the craftsmanship Emeco is known for and the artistry of Christophe Pillet, the Sezz chair was designed specially for the Sezz Hotel in St. Tropez, and recently launched in Paris. Read the full post here.

Top Ten Seating in 2012, Versteel, Quanta

7. Quanta
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Quanta allows for superior comfort with a unique support system that allows the user to move independently from the frame for greater range of motion. Read the full post here.

Top Ten Seating in 2012, Fritz Hansen, Oxford Chair

8. Oxford chair
DESIGNER: Arne Jacobsen
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

n honor of its 50th anniversary, Fritz Hansen is reissuing the Oxford chair in its original wooden form—but with a twist that acknowledges contemporary life. The “new” Oxford chair comes in a more egalitarian mid-height version with front upholstery on the seat and back. Read full post here.

Top Ten Seating in 2012, Artek, Lento

9. Lento chair
DESIGNER: Harri Koskinen
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

Lento is Finnish for “flight,” a fact that explains Koskinen’s co-opting of the word. The chair—in true Finnish fashion, a bentwood piece made of pressed Birch veneer and Birch plywood—exudes the first-rate craftsmanship and aesthetic moxie of the finest in mid-century modern. Read full post here.

Top Ten Seating in 2012, Teknion, Projek Task Chair

10. Projek task chair 
DESIGNER: Orange Box
PRICE: Inquire for pricing

The chair is designed with a weight-balancing mechanism that adapts to the user’s size; controls for seat height and depth and a height-adjustable lumbar support offer further customization. Projek’s task models are available with optional 2- and 3-D arms and headrest. Read the full post here.

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