The Sit Stand Stool From ergoCentric’s healtHcentric line

Seating Manufacturer ergoCentric is wise to some of the sager realizations of the new millennium, particularly when it comes to workspace ergonomics. Though not an official company mantra, the phrase "Sit Less. Live Longer." is certainly apropos, particularly in view of the physiological innovations of the Sit Stand Stool.

The Sit Stand Stool From ergoCentric's healtHcentric line

The Sit Stand Stool Promotes Healthy Movement

If recent revelations about the inherent difficulties of a stationary lifestyle have taught us anything, it's that movement can be a literal lifesaver-even such ostensibly small gestures as getting up and walking across the room. Sit Stand embraces this new paradigm by facilitating quick adjustments and easy alterations.

The stool's infinite lock-tilting seat pan enables customized positions, making it easy to frequently change-up the angle and provide relief to aching hips, knees, and back. But this is just the tip of the proverbial ergonomic iceberg, as the stool's primary innovation is a quick-glide height adjustment that gets users off their derrieres and onto their feet.

Standing workstations have lately received much acclaim for the variety of health benefits they confer-the Sit Stand Stool certainly does its part to encourage a smarter, healthier workplace.

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About the Manufacturer: ergoCentric is an industry-leading manufacturer of smart, healthy, ergonomic workplace solutions. The company specializes in medical grade seating-like the new healtHcentric line which is dedicated to outfitting hospitals, long-term care, and assisted care living facilities.

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