Kiwi Bean Bag by Stance Healthcare

Kiwi Bean Bag by Stance Healthcare

A bean bag for behavioral health?

Bean Bag chair in minty green color

Stance Healthcare proposes this innovative approach with Kiwi. Full disclosure: it’s not actually an old-school bean bag of the mushy variety that swallows you up, but rather stable, non-skid seating that’s supremely comfy, easy to maintain, and, of course, fun!

Two Kiwi Bean Bag chairs in beige

But the biggest boon is the way it supports behavioral health: the chairs offer a balance between functionality and enjoyment, for “a therapeutic and calming experience ensuring that children and adolescents feel at ease while focusing on their well-being.”

Five Kiwi chairs in contrasting white/green fabric in open space with large windows looking on part-like setting

Kiwi is also exceptionally versatile. They’re a cinch to move and to situate in diverse environments. And they’re durable, safe, and hygienic with replaceable covers and an inner bag made of strong ripstop nylon. The fill is 100% virgin polymeric beads, which intuitively respond to the user’s contours, for “personalized support that encourages relaxation and engagement.”

Kiwi in a mustard brown color, three chairs

Read more about the benefits of user-centric seating for behavioral health at Stance Healthcare.

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