O is for Organic: OLED luminaires by WAC Lighting

O is for Organic: OLED luminaires by WAC Lighting

Organic isn’t just a label for health food anymore. A new generation of LEDs in which a film of organic compound emits light in response to an electric current is now coming into its own. Lighting manufacturer WAC has launched its Vela Organic LED (OLED) chandelier and wall sconce with designs to match their cutting-edge technology.

WAC, Vela, OLED, sconce, chandelier
The Vela wall sconce

Eco-friendly OLED luminaires are manufactured at WAC's zero-landfill facility

Fabricated with laser-cut aluminum, the Vela OLED chandelier has twelve OLED panels that illuminate the surface beneath them, and another twelve that create an ambient glow overhead. Designed with a similar geometric profile, the Vela sconce has six perimeter OLED panels connected with cross-bars spaced to allow the lamp to cast a wide, even glow in hallways or as a decorative feature. Its 2 ¼” depth allows it to fit in narrow places.

Both chandeliers are compatible with dimmers, and are rated with a 10,000-hour lifetime. Click here to locate a WAC distributor.

WAC, Vela, OLED, sconce, chandelier, green
Detail of the Vela chandelier

About the Manufacturer: Founded in 1984, WAC Lighting is a leading global manufacturer and innovative designer of lighting for luxury residential, commercial, hospitality, institutional, retail, and architectural applications, specializing in track, recessed, task, monorail, and decorative lighting, with a new sustainable LED and OLED collection.

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