American Leather’s Parker Sofa

American Leather’s Parker Sofa

Anything named “Parker” just exudes modern style.  The name alone makes me want to look again. So imagine my surprise when, for the first time, I set eyes on American Leather’s Parker sofa. Handsome, elegant, and just enough drama to seduce you into staying longer than you anticipated. American Leather can command any room with Parker’s architectural character and graceful beauty.

The ever so handsome, Parker sofa by American Leather.

Parker Seductively Steals Your Heart

New to the scene, Parker is on its way to becoming an American Leather icon that epitomizes innovation. With a tight seat sofa, elongated cushions (42 inches), detailed biscuit tufting and clean arms, Parker is simply modern, and has just enough detail to set it apart from the average classic sofa. Engineering innovation in manufacturing and design gives Parker the softest rendition of a tight back. Its exquisite biscuit tufting adds a layer that gives this sofa a timeless quality while its modern lines remind you that it’s new to the scene.  Choose metal or wood legs that stretch front to back and are slightly offset to keep out of the way, an especially important detail for the public space where traffic is consistent and groups gather.

The Parker has a silhouette that will stand out in any crowded lobby or dimly lit lounge.  Meeting a new love interest in the hottest new place? Be prepared because the next time you walk into a room where the Parker sits may outdo your intended date. Parker will simply steal your heart.

About the Manufacturer:  For more than 20 years, American Leather has expertly blended refined design, meticulous craftsmanship and operational excellence to provide beautiful and durable furniture from its Dallas factory. American Leather uses Cutting Edge™, a computerized, automated system that utilizes video cameras and lasers in both leather and frame fabrication. This innovative technology provides superior accuracy and reliability over other fabrication methods and allows the company to offer hand-crafted furniture with lead times that are much shorter than industry standards. Visit


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