iQ Natural by Johnsonite

iQ Natural by Johnsonite

When you think of commercial vinyl sheet flooring, sustainability isn’t a word that springs to mind. However, with Johnsonite's new iQâ„¢ Natural flooring, sustainability is at the core of its design.

iQ Natural by Johnsonite

Containing 75% natural material and 16% rapidly renewable content, the product answers the ever growing demand for more renewable and sustainable building resources.

Due to it’s “intelligent quality” construction, which means durability, resistance to chemicals and easier cleaning, iQâ„¢ Natural is particularly well suited to high-traffic applications such as healthcare, education, offices and retail. The floor is designed to last 20- 30 years or more with minimal upkeep. It doesn’t require wax or polish; simple dry buffing is all that is needed to restore the surface.

iQ Natural is available in 24 nature-inspired colorways and the subtle tone-on-tone pattern makes it easy to coordinate with other flooring solutions.

For more information, find your local distibutor here or call 440.543.8916

About the manufacturer: Johnsonite is an Ohio-based flooring company who aim to integrate design and life-safety into flooring and stairwell solutions to create more productive, safer spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and add to our customers' economic success.




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