Classroom Chairs: Top Five

Classroom Chairs: Top Five

Designed to promote mobility and foster interaction, we highlight our favorite ergonomic classroom chairs.


The Tip Ton chair by Barber & Osgerby offers an ergonomic and economical solution for classroom seating, allowing different seating positions without expensive, highly engineered components.


Knoll's Toboggan Chair Desk proposes a practical solution for team work; with a sled based design allowing the user to freely move around the chair, with the back serving as a backrest, armrest or small work surface.


Allowing for more natural movement, Allsteel's Inspire tablet arm chairs feature a built-in writing surface and are designed to help the user maintain good seating posture.


Konstantin Grcic's PRO chair range for Flötotto was designed to discourage long periods of sitting, following research suggesting that dynamic sitting was paramount for overall wellbeing.


The Node chair by Steelcase offers a flexible solution for the modern classroom environment, with casters for mobility and a swivel seat for easy repositioning.

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