Board By Design’s Ravishingly Rustic Rockers

It's appropriate that Board by Design and designer Brad Reed Nelson have chosen to showcase their beautifully rustic collection of Rockers in front of a barn sided in tin with peeling red paint. And it's even more appropriate that the company is located in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado-arguably ground zero for the architectural aesthetic I like to call "ghost town shabby chic."

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Rustic Rockers from Board by Design Synthesize Sustainably-Sourced Wood and Powder-Coated Metal

If you've never visited Aspen or Crested Butte, than you may not know of the architectural style I refer to, which often involves reclaimed barnwood adjacent to wonderfully-rusted tin. Brad Reed Nelson's Rockers perfectly encapsulate this look.

Board By Design's Ravishingly Rustic Rockers

The collection features multiple styles in a variety of vibrant colors. Nelson finishes reclaimed woods like Mahogany and Ash to a perfectly bright and smooth sheen-an apt accompaniment for the steel he powdercoats in equally shiny shades of green, red, white and blue.

Board By Design's Ravishingly Rustic Rockers

Styles include the conventional one-seater Windsorrondack Rocker (34″H, 40″L, 18″W), the slightly-less conventional Windsorrondack Swing (29″H, 43″L, 23″D), and the Lovely loveseat-style Settee Rocker. (42"H, 42″D, 43"W). For specifying information contact Brad Reed Nelson: 970.963.1701,

About the Manufacturer: Board By Design designs and creates rustic furniture with a contemporary edge. Known for their exquisite synchrony of wood and metal, the company's product line encompasses chairs, tables, lamps, desks, and accessories. 

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