Working on The Edge by First Office

Collaboration, open plan or simply – community. I find it extremely important to be part of a community, where I know the people around me and the conversation starts with hello, but ends with an inspired thought – whether I’m at home or at work, or both (simultaneously). Our workplace is evolving – rapidly – so it’s important these days to stay on the Edge.

The Edge. Designed by Studio O+A. Manufactured by First Office.

The Edge designed by the Founders of Studio O+A.

Do You Work on The Edge?

No Boundaries with the Edge Office Space

Designed by Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander, founders and co-principals of Studio O+A in San Francisco, the Edge by First Office promotes the modern workstyle by creating a new way for people to move out of a workstation, collaborate and simply hang out. Hanging out makes work so much more fun – and productive. The traditional workplace is taking serious cues from Gen-Y talent by infusing that entrepreneurial start-up like culture in today’s businesses. The Edge, is based on a ‘found objects’ principle. The variety of materials, forms, and sizes enables the Edge to address a broad range of work typologies: from head-down focused work with a laptop or tablet to small lounge discussions, and even dedicated meeting spaces under the overhead canopy.

The Edge designed by the Founders of Studio O+A.

All Photos Courtesy of Jasper Sanidad.

What’s even more unique is the ability to create your individual or collaborative workspace on the spot. Push together elongated rectangles of different heights to create large or small sets to use instead of a standard conference area. Or, complement a larger boardroom with the Edge to give users a quiet place to meet beforehand or just simply ‘think’ prior to heading into the bigger strategy meeting. The Edge uses simple materials such as plywood and felt, and the concept of stacked crates and urban textures lend to its authentic approach to creating a space that is more flexible than walls or ceilings.

What is your community like? Remember, collaborate, share, say hello – there are no boundaries, just the Edge.

About the Manufacturer: Focusing on the modern work style, First Office is a resource for contemporary office products ranging from free standing casegoods collections to expanded choices for lobby and lounge areas to streamlined swivel and guest seating. First Office is a division of OFS Brands, Inc., a family-owned corporation headquartered in Huntingburg, Indiana. Along with our parent company, First Office is committed to providing socially responsible furniture and logistical solutions through better design, excellent performance, innovative products and services.

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