A New Multi-Hyphenate: Village

A New Multi-Hyphenate: Village

Design meets interior decorating meets technology meets social needs. Yes, it’s a mouthful, but Village does it all. The brainchild of Yejin Lee, Seohyun Park, Minji Kang, and Seunghyun Ko, this revolutionary projector/piece of furniture/social companion represents an auspicious attempt to address the rising needs of single-person households.

In Korea, nearly half of households are single-person households. Globally, single-person dwellings or “studio apartments” are on the rise.

Design and color palette options of Village

Village “aims to be a companion in the daily life of single households and create a richer life by utilizing limited space more effectively.”

This “living product” is proposing a new “lifestyle experience of ‘separate and together’ for single-person households.”

Village product macro shots

The concept of Village is based on the idea of the “furniturization of appliances.”

Village product macro shots

As seen here, Village syncs with smartphones to open the curtains in the morning based on calendar timestamps.

It projects recipes onto the countertop while you’re cooking and can be a companion during a workout routine.

It turns FaceTime calls into a “real-life” moment by projecting the person on the other end of the call onto your wall through its on-board projector. It’s as if your friend, your mother, your partner is right there with you in the room.

Village projection encouraging social connection

Learn more about the mock-up process, the design itself, and the creators of Village here.

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