Time for Tea: Tea Chair by Estudiohac for Sancal

After the success of other pieces in the Tea Collection for Spanish furniture manufacturer Sancal, designer J. M. Ferrero of Estudiohac has reduced the elements in the collection to a simple, minimal expression. His Tea chair pares down the details of the larger pieces in the original Tea Collection—the hexagonal quilting and bicolor upholstery—to a delicate scale. With slim, tapered oak legs and a curved back, Tea chair welcomes users to sit and enjoy a good cup of afternoon tea.

Tea chair. Designed by Estudiohac. Manufactured by Sancal.

Simple, Slim Chair with English-inspired Quilting

Tea Chair. Designed by Estudiohac. Manufactured by Sancal.

The dimensions and slope of the Tea chair provide an ergonomic seat that gives users “an agreeable proportion and lasting seating.” The chair’s slim frame is “both solid and spongy,” due to the injected polyurethane—so people get the benefits of a firm seat that’s not too firm. It’s a just-right solution: Tea chair offers the perfect perch for Goldilocks to enjoy a fragrant taste of Lady Londonderry. And that is the intention of the Tea Collection, which is inspired by the “aesthetic pleasure perceived by sight and touch… by the old, delicate china tea-set.”

Tea Chair. Designed by Estudiohac. Manufactured by Sancal.

While the other pieces in the Tea Collection stress chunky shapes—the sofa and armchair have no legs—the new addition is a much lighter form. Resting on jaunty legs, Tea chair is like the dollop of cream on top of the weighty scone.

Tea Chair. Designed by Estudiohac. Manufactured by Sancal.

About the Manufacturer: If a fulfilling life can be defined as doing what you love and loving what you’re good it (and getting compensated for it to boot), than manufacturer Sancal certainly employs a great many happy souls. Part and parcel of the company’s philosophy is to create objects of lasting value, objects that occupy an authentic space in peoples lives, that satisfy and endure across the generations. JM Ferrero’s Tea Collection is certainly rife with such objects. These charming, multi-faceted upholstered pieces display real staying power by looking to the future while acknowledging the past—a testament to the manufacturer’s assertion that “we like what we do at Sancal, thus, we take pleasure in our work and, in the end, this is what’s important—to enjoy life.”

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