There’s Nothing Flaky About Nina Jobs’ New Easy Chair for Gärsnäs

A laden word for a laden product... That must have something to do with the thinking behind the name of the Flake Chair by Nina Jobs for Gärsnäs. The somewhat ambiguous moniker for this lovely and, to all intents and purposes, rather simply executed chair evokes manifold meanings and multiple suggestions—everything from the pejorative intimation of unreliability to the scenic iconography of winter stillness and meditative, slow descent.

Flake. Designed by Nina Jobs. Manufactured by Gärsnäs.

Nina Jobs' Flake is Stylish and Comfortable

Perhaps the most obvious association is this last, as the Flake Chair is so slim and sculptural, so sleek, so dynamic and compact, that it embodies all the feathery lightness of a snowflake.

Flake. Designed by Nina Jobs. Manufactured by Gärsnäs.

And as fortuity would have it, no two are exactly alike. This isn’t just because Gärsnäs offers Flake in a broad range of enticing upholsteries, but also because its method of construction just won’t abide duplication. Made of bentwood ash, Flake pays homage to the classic designs of the modern era, perhaps even referencing work by the Eames and Pierre Paulin and Hans Wegner.

Flake. Designed by Nina Jobs. Manufactured by Gärsnäs.

The comparison does justice both to the work of the aforementioned icons as well as to Flake. It’s an “Easy” chair in every sense of that word. Easy to move, easy to adapt, easy to sit in, easy to love.

Flake. Designed by Nina Jobs. Manufactured by Gärsnäs.

Options for Flake include choice of upholstery colors and arms in stained or natural ash. The elegantly moulded seat pan of Flake rests atop a swiveling pedestal wood base.

About the Manufacturer: Though manufacturer Gärsnäs has been in the game since 1893, they still consider themselves a young company: “It’s impossible to get stuck in your ways if you are constantly searching for the best possible form and function.” The ethos has led to the company’s determination to build quality, durable, beautiful furnishings that people value and admire. So whether it’s a bentwood chair by Nina Jobs, or a pendant lamp of embroidered cotton by Tore Ahlsén, if it’s by Gärsnäs, it’s good—“products that give people support, comfort and pleasure in their daily life. That encounter is a long one. Often, it’s life long.”

Posted July 19, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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