Softblock Indoor/Outdoor Furniture by James de Wulf

Launched earlier this year at ICFF, designer James De Wulf used the thick shapeliness of concrete furniture with an ambitious move away from the solid material. Inspired by the design of his very own concrete block chair, De Wulf grabbed the same low silhouette and minimalist styling, transferring the qualities into his Softblock Collection of modular sofas, chairs and ottomans.

Softblock Collection. Designed by James de Wulf.

Inspired by Concrete Chairs, the Bright Patterns Bring Out the Soft Side of Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

James De Wulf’s new Softblock indoor/outdoor furniture is completely sheathed in bold prints and colors that were drummed up by designer Goga Bouquet. Manufactured in a much lighter weight (than his concrete chairs) for modular movement, De Wulf knew he also needed to add more color to break into the colorful, residential patio scene.

Softblock. Designed by James de Wulf.

“My goal with Softblock has been to make strong, timeless shapes with lightweight practical materials”, De Wulf reflects on the sofa, easy chair, chaise lounge and ottoman that can fit together in a myriad of configurations. With the subtle angles and lack of hard materials, the ten different fabric colors of Soft Block are great for seniors or families with young children. Since the non-absorbent, high density foam and memory foam structures come with removable covers that are machine-washable, UV-resistant and quick drying, Softblock is easy to keep looking brand new.

Softblock. Designed by James de Wulf.

Softblock. Designed by James de Wulf.

Built to last, the dynamic colors and patterns of the Softblock modular seating collection by James De Wulf will sate your indoor/outdoor furniture desire to remain vibrant year round.

About the Designer: Starting out as a concrete-couture furniture designer in 2004, James De Wulf created works for architects, interior decorators, commercial retail stores, and residential clients. Now, venturing further out with his Softblock collection of indoor/outdoor furniture, de Wulf is now seen as an innovative and versatile designer-manufacturer who creates functional, natural furnishings for the home or contract setting.  Recognized for his innovative work with custom concrete design, DeWulf quickly became known for his ability to fuse the most advanced concrete technology with beautiful, modern, and natural forms to create functional art.

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