New on the Floor: Vinyl-Based Tile from AHF Products

New on the Floor: Vinyl-Based Tile from AHF Products

Who knew that swapping out a single letter could represent such a significant innovation in commercial flooring?

vinyl-based tile light gray in office

The aforementioned change is a "c" to a "b", as in Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) as compared to AHF Products' auspicious new offering, Vinyl Based Tile (VBT).

vinyl-based tile in reception area light colors, off-white and baby blue

VBT debuted at NeoCon last month, drawing substantial interest as it promises lower maintenance and life-cycle costs compared to VCT. Vinyl Based Tile is every bit the match of VCT when it comes to stain-, scratch-, and scuff-resistance, but where it particularly shines is its polish-free finish. While VCT must be rigorously maintained with a polishing regimen, VBT uses a Urethane Plus with Ceramic Bead finish, a coating that's easy to clean and to maintain, requiring no waxing, buffing, sealers, or finishes.

detail of berry red VBT

The other boon here concerns VBT's aesthetic. AHF's initial collection, "Expressive Ideas," offers a diverse palette of bright colors and earthy neutrals—28 densely patterned tones that mask scuffs in busy commercial environments.

vinyl-based tile in colorful checkerboard pattern in classroom

Made with 100% virgin vinyl, VBT is floor-score certified. Its durability and long-life also means less frequent replacement and, thus, less material in landfills. Says Fred Reitz, Vice President of Commercial, AHF Products, "Theoretically, commercial customers may have to replace their VCT up to twice as often as one installation of VBT."

VBT in kitchen, earthy tones of greens and browns

Sounds like it could be a winning formula for customers looking for the middle ground between VCT and LVT. Kudos to AHF for exploring that terrain. Go to AHF Products to find out more. And discover further commercial flooring innovations at Designer Pages Media.

Posted July 7, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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