Save Water with the Modern Architec Dry Urinals by Duravit

Developed by Professor Frank Huster for Duravit, the art of washroom hygiene was modified to a much classier, less wasteful state with the Architec ceramic range. With the Architec Dry urinal raising the eyebrow of many a critic, Huster’s technological advancements have followed through with a flushless system that manages to remain clean while conserving water.

Architec Dry urinal. Manufactured by Duravit.

Water Conservation in Every Flush with Duravit’s Architec Dry Urinals

Beginning to describe their advanced collection of washroom fittings – that include everything from basins to urinals, in circular, square and sometimes diagonal cut shapes – the Duravit website launches into a prideful tale of the “visual appeal and practicality” that inspired their line of environmentally-conscious fittings. To dig into the nitty gritty, Duravit got Prof. Huster to assist them in coming up with a sustainable product that applies maximum water conservation with the flushing of toilets and urinals.

Architec Dry urinal. Manufactured by Duravit.

As they say, “at Duravit, we take an active responsibility for the conscious use of water and the development of sustainable product concepts to conserve our ecosystem,” continuing on by stating that “thanks to a hose membrane integrated in the outlet, Architec Dry flushes without any water whatsoever. This membrane only opens when urine flows through. It then closes again and keeps unpleasant sewer odors at bay.”

Architec Dry urinal. Manufactured by Duravit.

The water pipe-free Architec Dry urinals come with an outlet that has an attractive cover and a gel ring, based on purely organic substances that gradually flush away and wet the membrane, which sits underneath. “A special mix of pH neutral and active cleaning ingredients fights stubborn dirt and urine scale before it gains a hold,” explains Duravit. “Microorganisms break down organic substances and prevent the formation of unpleasant odors. In addition, the ring contains essential oils that release a fresh fragrance to create a pleasant interior environment.”

About the Manufacturer: Duravit is a premiere supplier of sanitary ceramic, bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories with a rich history that dates back to 1817 Germany. With nearly 200 years of experience in the bathroom design industry, Duravit has become a household name around the world.

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