Heavenly Wallcovering: Cumulus by Weitzner Limited

If you’re looking for a wallcovering that will contribute to LEED points, then Weitzner Limited is sure to have something that fits the bill. The company has numerous offerings that combine “environmental consciousness and performance value.” One such pattern is Cumulus, a wallcovering made with Salago fiber, a rapidly renewable material.

Cumulus wallcovering. Manufactured by Weitzner Limited.

Textural Wallcovering from Rapidly Renewable Salago Plant

Cumulus Wallcovering. Manufactured by Weitzner Limited.

Cumulus mimics the puffy cloud formations that everyone loves to stare at. These are the cotton-like clouds that people say look like one thing or another—a rabbit or a chef’s hat, for example. By using salago, Cumulus wallcovering helps clients make eco-conscious choices that are also aesthetically pleasing. The fibers are applied by hand and dried in the sun “to create the striated, cloud-like texture of Cumulus.” The result, textural and sculptural, has the same beauty as handmade paper, making Cumulus an ideal choice for room dividers, window shades, and screens.

Cumulus Wallcovering. Manufactured by Weitzner Limited.

Cumulus Wallcovering resembles lace: “Panels work magic with light and shadow while enhancing any paint color when adhered to the wall.” Available in 39” x 106” sheets, Cumulus creates a statement, so a little goes a long way. Its four neutral colors—cream, taupe, gray, and black—work with almost any décor, from a minimalist office to an eclectic great room.

Cumulus Wallcovering. Manufactured by Weitzner Limited.

About the Manufacturer: Weitzner Limited is the NYC studio of Lori Weitzner, which is packed to the gills with all manner of “energy on full display… inspiration transformed into the materials that challenge our clients’ perceptions of what a wallcovering, textile, trim, or rug can be.” This “White Box Sanctuary” is home to a unique collection of wallcoverings that defy expectations, including many products made from natural and rapidly renewable materials.

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