Brighten with Julian F. Bond’s Pixel Vase Landscape

When I think of pixelated designing I normally think of the artist, Chuck Close. His eye for separating an image into smaller, graphed segments of abstract color designs causes a speechless reaction of anyone who consumes his artistic mastery.

Pixel Vases Landscape. Designed by Julian F. Bond.

Pixelated Vases and Lamps Create an Abstract Appearance

Using the same pixelated idea, designer Julian F. Bond created a series of vases and lighting fixtures that react to one another in what he calls the Pixel Vases Landscape. Shown now through September 15, 2012 in Benevento, Italy’s SWING Gallery, the handmade pendant lights (and vases below) are handmade using what is called a “Pixel Casting Machine” that Bond made all by himself.

Pixel Vases Landscape. Designed by Julian F. Bond.

The vases and lights use a traditional slip casting to start off with, but the specialized pixel casting machine steps in to do the rest. Constructed in a tedious manner by manually moving hundreds of 1 to 2 cm plaster sticks ever so slightly, the 3D, graph-like surfaces of each piece is different from the next which makes every one unique (and well worth the time and energy).

Pixel Vases Landscape. Designed by Julian F. Bond.

In various colors and one-of-a-kind finished products, the balance of top lighting onto the bottom layer of mirrored vases brings out an imperfection that snags our attention for good.

About the Designer: Julian F. Bond is a designer whose education studying architecture at The Bartlett, UCL, in London, and getting his Master’s degree from the Royal College of Arts prepared him for a world of design. But with the development of his very own Pixel Casting Machine, which he displayed at his 2010 graduation show, he’s peaked the interest of the entire design field.

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