The Boulders Collection of Planters by Jinggoy Buensuceso

As we approach the official start of summer, I look around and it occurs to me that it’s planter season—which is really just annual flower season, given that most planters intend to blend into the landscape, if you will. This is typically a notion that I much support, except, of course, when it comes to the latest piece by Filipino designer Jinggoy Buensuceso: the Boulders Collection for Hive.

Boulders planters. Designed by Jinggoy Buensuceso. Manufactured by Hive.

Jinggoy Buensuceso’s Boulders Planters Give Gardens a Fun and Funky Feel

In addition to the obvious advantage of  a name that sounds like a Mafioso Jazz Guitarist (and, incidentally, is Spanish for  “well done”), designer Buensuceso has a pronounced sense of whimsy and an abiding affection for big, bold gestures.

Boulders Planters. Designed by Jinggoy Buensuceso. Manufactured by Hive.

As one might concur from the name, his Boulders Planters are asynchronous and rather large. Though in contrast to any actual boulders that may have tumbled into your yard from on high, Buensuceso’s Boulders don’t display the characteristic smooth, rounded sheen, but rather offer a pointy polygonal shape—“a simple conveyance of modern sculptures.”

Boulders Planters. Designed by Jinggoy Buensuceso. Manufactured by Hive.

Buensuceso tempers the unorthodox look through his choice of finish. For atop the planters underlying structure of fiber reinforced polymer, they feature a rather rustic finish of naturally oxidized metal.

Boulders Planters. Designed by Jinggoy Buensuceso. Manufactured by Hive.

A “juxtaposition of contemporary forms and antique detailing,” Jinggoy Buensuceso’s Boulders Planters offer a distinctively different and unmistakably eye-catching take on the typical planter. I expect to see them in droves very soon, effortlessly graced with the brightest of summer blooms.

Via Contemporist.

About the Designer: Jinggoy Buensuceso is an artist of grand proportion and unorthodox conception. Eschewing the traditional canvas, Buensuceso prefers the comparatively rougher blank slate of buffed aluminum metal: “produced through the expert use of welding machine and rod, the poetic factor lies in the indefinite reflections achieved through the natural dents from the burning process.” Buensuceso is also a designer, having authored a contemporary take on a traditional garden decoration with his Boulders Planters.

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