Real-Time Energy Innovation: The LOGIQ by Teknion

If you’re the type who might enjoy breaking down your monthly electric or water bill to examine your average usage, I’d like to introduce you (and your company, if it applies) to the LOGIQ power management system that was introduced last week at NeoCon. Not only does Teknion create this new system to keep you informed in the long run, it can work alongside their other devices – like their award-winning MAST Monitor Arm – to keep a healthcare facility or office setting running smoothly in an eco-friendly way.

LOGIQ. Manufactured by Teknion.

For a Greener Footprint, the LOGIQ is a Power Management System Giving Real-Time Feedback

Described as a “furniture-integrated plug-load management system”, its definition in our non-hyphenated, normal English language is a device that monitors energy usage to assist companies in keeping their environmental footprint as low as possible. (Why an invention such as this was not created years ago, I have no idea.)

LOGIQ. Manufactured by Teknion.

“Developed in partnership with Enmetric Systems Inc., LOGIQ measures and controls energy usage at the individual plug level with real-time feedback and system management,” explains Teknion in reference to the LOGIQ’s ability to create timely information that we can use on a daily basis. Continuing on, Teknion’s Director of Sustainable Programs, Doug Hietkamp, adds how it is “an innovative system that allows everyone from the facility manager to the individual user to control and improve their work-related environmental footprint through smart technology management. It shows how much energy you are consuming, what devices are consuming it and when, and applies rules to control usage based on time or logic.” Proven through preliminary testing, they’re already stating that the average LOGIQ-enabled office workstation typically results in an annual energy savings of up to 20 percent.

LOGIQ. Manufactured by Teknion.

According to Dannion Smith, Teknion’s Senior Product Manager of Ergonomic Products, “LOGIQ is the only system that provides real-time control and data reporting at the individual outlet level, while providing an interface that encourages both users and facility managers to interact with the system.”

About the Manufacturer: Teknion is an international contract manufacturer of products for the office, healthcare and commercial environments. They market mid- to high-end office systems and related furniture products that encompass several lines of systems furniture, mobile furniture, architectural wall systems, seating, storage and filing, freestanding casegoods and accessories.

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