On the Move? Try Thonet’s EasyGo Chair

As cliché as the phrase “on the go” might seem to our jaded millennial ears, one has to admit that it’s certainly apropos. For in this age of instant communication (and the desire for instant gratification) most of us are indeed on the go—this extends from CEOs to Starbucks Baristas, from the highest levels of corporate intelligentsia to the beginner’s platform of elementary education. Apropos of the latter, the EasyGo chair by Thonet will facilitate the frequently rapid change-ups required of a dynamic educational environment.

EasyGo chair. Designed by Giovanni Baccolini. Manufactured by Thonet.

Thonet’s EasyGo Chair Provides Quick Change Convenience for the Conference or the Classroom

EasyGo Chair. Designed by Giovanni Baccolini. Manufactured by Thonet.

That’s not to say that this versatile and vivacious task chair is only for students. To the contrary, EasyGo’s savvy simplicity will appeal to anyone tasked with quickly outfitting an area for attendance. The chair folds and stacks, nesting into one another and whisking onto or out of the scene in no time flat.

EasyGo Chair. Designed by Giovanni Baccolini. Manufactured by Thonet.

EasyGo presents in various incarnations, with more options than a multiple choice quiz. Constructed of an ultra-durable polypropylene plastic shell and polished chrome frame,  the chair offers a clean, contemporary look simultaneous with first-rate durability. And EasyGo is lightweight, further enhancing the maneuverability quotient. Lastly, designer Giovanni Baccolini has integrated a customized approach to ergonomics—the chair flexes up to 15 degrees fore and aft, thus intuitively responding to the different dimensions of users.

EasyGo Chair. Designed by Giovanni Baccolini. Manufactured by Thonet.

Thonet offers EasyGo with or without arms. Further options include ganging connectors, rolling casters, or glides. The look of the shell spans the primary spectrum—from blue to red to white to black. Users may specify fabrics in 13 different Thonet colors.

EasyGo Chair. Designed by Giovanni Baccolini. Manufactured by Thonet.

About the Manufacturer: Thonet began long ago in 1830 when Michael Thonet created what was to become known as “bentwood” furniture. After producing bentwood pieces on an industrial scale, the company eventually sold in 1987, becoming Thonet Industries U.S.A. In the company’s current incarnation as a brand of the CF Group, Thonet has substantially expanded their product offerings and made a successful foray into the contract, education, and healthcare venues. Thonet makes its furniture in the United States, “hand built by skilled craftsmen.” The company purchases only FSC-certified hardwoods for their tables and wood chairs; they supply bio foam upon request, as well as recycled materials.

Posted June 1, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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