The Pegaso Handle by Alberto Meda for Colombo Design

It’s funny, but after looking at the recent profusion of images of Colombo Design’s new Pegaso door handle on its recent sojourn through Bangkok, it seems this lovely artifact of the new millennium is designed to open everything but a door. That, of course, is overstating the case, as Pegaso is not only an iconic emblem of the metaphor of opening, but also an eminently functional implement. It just happens to be so gorgeous that it carries this extra bit of scenic oomph.

Pegaso door handle. Designed by Alberto Meda. Manufactured by Colombo Design.

Colombo Design’s Pegaso Door Handle Features Precision Tooling for High Performance

Pegaso. Designed by Alberto Meda. Manufactured by Colombo Design.

Of course, one look at Pegaso’s sleek aeronautical design and resplendent sheen and users will infer the above. In fact, the implement looks like some integral part of an aircraft, or even a self-propelled projectile in its own right.

Pegaso. Designed by Alberto Meda. Manufactured by Colombo Design.

Nor is Pegaso just some showy detail. The piece is made to last—Colombo Design’s intricate finishing process assures high performance. This means resistance to decay from both environmental and chemical agents, as well as low surface friction to withstand the typical onslaughts of keys and jewelry, or even the probing paws of pets.

Pegaso. Designed by Alberto Meda. Manufactured by Colombo Design.

These are incentives, to be sure. But as with any show-stopping detail, what matters most is that the piece, well, stops the show. This is indeed the case with Pegaso, as the handle’s lovely streamlined shape, perfectly vibrant finish, and undeniable texturality will absolutely steal the thunder from anything that surrounds it. And, yes, most likely that includes the door.

About the Manufacturer: Founded in 1990, manufacturer Colombo Design has traveled in the rarefied territory of ironmongery for 20+ years now, and they travel it well: “through a process of pressure die casting or forging, metal alloys are moulded into the forms most in demand on the market… the entirely computerized galvanic bath plant ensures the most avant-garde and refined finishings and guarantees their duration at the same time.” For the layman, this translates roughly to “Colombo Design makes some of the best door handles, toilet paper holders, soap dishes, and lighting systems on the global market.” Frequent collaboration with iconic Italian designers such as Alberto Meda and Bartoli Design confirms Colombo Design’s stellar reputation.

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