The Fabulous Forward Credenza by UM Project

The FWD. Credenza by UM Project is one of those pieces that, to hear the extensive list of different materials that constitute the piece, would seem to have a hodgepodge appearance. Quite to the contrary, the FWD. Credenza is smart and seamless—a utilitarian piece with a distinctive aesthetic and a charming personality.

FWD. Credenza. Designed and Manufactured by UM Project.

UM Project’s FWD. Credenza is Vivacious and Versatile

The first thing one notices about FWD. is its rather jaunty aspect. Indeed the piece seems as if it’s about to lunge forward—to walk out of the room, past its vocation of storage, and onto some other more dynamic occupation. Thankfully, FWD. can’t actually move; the intimation of locomotion is but the byproduct of FWD.’s front legs, which are attached at a slightly forward-thrusting angle.

FWD. Credenza. Designed and Manufactured by UM Project.

But that’s not the only trait that helps to define the original character of FWD. The piece’s varied materials and different textures give it a patchwork aspect, yet it all ties elegantly together: an ash frame, metal top, steel drawers, and powder-coated aluminum legs and handles.

FWD. Credenza. Designed and Manufactured by UM Project.

But the fun doesn’t end there. UM Project offers the contrasting details of legs and handles in a variety of vibrant colors: pink, red, gray, black, and two shades of greens. Other fascinating FWD. features include bent steel drawer boxes, Blum soft-close BlueMotion tracks, and adjustable shelves. FWD. is versatile enough for nearly any storage or display case need: media cabinet, dresser, or sideboard.

About the Manufacturer: Though to look at their line-up of cool, quirky tables, chairs, stools, and credenzas, you’d never guess it, manufacturer UM Project hearkens back to an earlier time: “Knowing who bakes your bread, who tailors your suit or builds your house. This is what we do. Designing and manufacturing furniture, one piece at a time or in series.” UM Project’s handcrafted, custom-tailored pieces make quite an impression, from the forward-thinking FWD. Credenza to the clever two- three- and four-toned Milking Stools to the lovely and luminescent L.U.M. Lamp.

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