The Marbleous Collection by Zinc Textile Feels as Good as it Looks

Since I consider myself somewhat distanced from “youth today,” I don’t know if most kids go through a geode phase. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember that these “geological secondary sedimentary structures” enjoyed a great spike in popularity during the 70s when crystalline structures of all stripes were particularly in vogue. In my case, it wasn’t me but my older brother who pursued the iridescent quartzite depositions in all parts West. The link here to A&D? Why it’s in the lovely, luminous striations found on the surface of Zinc Textile’s marvelous Marbleous Collection.

Marbleous Collection of silk/linen te xtiles. Manufactured by Zinc Textile.

A Tantalizing Textile Mimics the Smooth Sheen of Marble

Marbleous Collection of Silk/Linen Textiles. Manufactured by Zinc Textile.

The Marbleous Collection, a “silk and linen mix that ingeniously mimics a highly veined piece of marble,” does indeed evoke the smooth texture and intricate veining of that most highly-sought material. But—and apropos of the above—it also looks like the outer edge of the aforementioned geodes, which one could crack open like a coconut and discover not only the shiny crystalline central gem, but also the beautifully textured circumference, which often bears a curious resemblance to the Marbleous Textiles.

Marbleous Collection of Silk/Linen Textiles. Manufactured by Zinc Textile.

Whatever phenomenon of nature it evokes for you, this new line of fabric is stunning and sublime. It achieves the nifty trick of mimicking something unmistakably solid in the soft and sumptuous form of a silk/linen textile, while also establishing a bold and versatile new aesthetic.

Marbleous Collection of Silk/Linen Textiles. Manufactured by Zinc Textile.

Appropriately, the Marbleous Collection extends throughout the range of naturally-occurring colors and textures. All styles are patterned on an equally alluring phenomenon of nature, as Zinc Textile offers no less than 15 enticing incarnations—from the deep purple “Charolite” to the ivory moonscape of good old “Ultra violet” to the sedate and somber “Flint.”

About the Manufacturer: There’s nothing like an organic aesthetic modeled after the intricate undulations of marble to revive nostalgia for the 70s. Nor would Zinc Textiles scoff at the comparison. The manufacturer of luxurious fabrics in linen, silk, satin, and velvet strives for a look that negotiates the contemporary age with the enduring aesthetic of previous eras: “Zinc’s unique style captures the revival of chic hedonism of the 1970s and salutes the great designers of the time.” Fabric lines like Marbleous, Galactica, and Brilliance expertly evoke the iconic patterns of an earlier age.

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