The Keaton Faucet by Newport Brass

When I hear the term “miter,” the last things I think of are the rarefied metals like Polished Chrome, Antique Nickel, and English Bronze one finds in fine fixtures. On the contrary, to my traditionalist’s ears, “mitered joints” refer to wood and wood alone, so it’s a bit of an epistemological stretch to make mental space for the geometricized contours of the Keaton faucet.

Keaton faucet. Manufactured by Newport Brass.

Newport Brass Ups the Ante on Contemporary with the Stylish New Keaton Faucet

The new piece signals a bit of a sea change for Newport Brass, a company whose name might suggest a predilection for a classic look. The Keaton faucet, however, flies in the face of that, as it heralds a move toward aesthetic innovation.

Keaton Faucet. Manufactured by Newport Brass.

Unlike most faucets—even those characterized as contemporary in their own right—the Keaton line offers the singular feature of bar-shaped handles for the hot and cold taps. The feature facilitates the mitered detail: “As cylinders meet at mitered angles, Keaton is visually pleasing as it takes what is historically curved and re-imagines it as angled.”

Though it may seem like a small point, the flat tap handles give the Keaton faucet a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other fixtures.

Keaton Faucet. Manufactured by Newport Brass.

Newport Brass not only offers the Keaton Faucet in multiple finishes (26 including the aforementioned chrome, nickel, and bronze), but also with a line of complementary accessories—towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks, tissue holders, and faucets for lavatory, tub, and bidet.

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About the Manufacturer: If you’re looking for aesthetic variety in your bathroom finishes look to Newport Brass—this manufacturer of fittings for sink, tub, shower, and kitchen is known for their tremendous stylistic range. Choices include Gloss Black, Matte White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Stainless Steel, plus 22 more besides. Newport Brass offers each of their 40+ fixtures and accessories in any of the 26 finishes. Doing this bit of math reveals no less than 1,040 fitting options.

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