Shimmering Silver: Surface Trend

Shimmering Silver: Surface Trend

These statement-making reflective metallic tiles create a bright and clean surface that’s perfect for kitchen, dining and even living spaces.

Shimmering Silver_Surface Trend_Crushed Wall Tiles by Phillip Watts Design_22

Made from solid hand cast resin with a real metal powder top coat, the highly textured Crushed Wall Tiles by Phillip Watts Design provide a decorative but super durable finish for walls.

Shimmering Silver_Surface Trend_Caldo by To Do Product Design

Caldo by To Do Product Design is a faceted ceramic tile designed to be used with wall heaters, stoves and other elements of interior design. Made of fired clay, the tiles’ glossy, faceted surface is designed to increase the surface area, enabling the tile to emit as much heat as possible.

Shimmering Silver_Surface Trend_Stainless Steel Weave by Susan Jablon Mosaics

Perfect for the kitchen, the porcelain core of the Stainless Steel Weave tile by Susan Jablon Mosaics is wrapped with stainless steel and then glued to mesh for installation.

Shimmering Silver_Surface Trend_Decorative Metal Tiles by Karim Rashid for Alloy Design

Made in collaboration with Australian company Alloy Design, Karim Rashid’s Decorative Metal Tiles are available in eight decorative designs, each a variation of recurring cells. The tiles can be used both indoors and out and can be specified in steel, copper, brass, titanium and raw steel.

Shimmering Silver_Surface Trend_Elemental Aluminum by Soli_Matrix Mosacic

California-based company Soli uses aluminum in its Elemental Aluminum metal wall treatments. The collection includes two different models, Fractal and Pixel, both of which interpret technologically-inspired subjects-Morse Code and dot matrix patterns.

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