New Work from Wunderkind Dima Loginoff: The Mountain View Lamp

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that designer Dima Loginoff is one of the more eclectic and interesting forces in contemporary A&D. And I use the word fully in mind of the airy dynamism of his past works. In this venue, we’ve seen the ethereal balletics of the Panic Opera, the Gothic minimalism of the Bless You Lamp, and the unabashed masculinity of Male. His latest—the lovely and hallucinatory Mountain View Lamp—moves beyond the microscopic view of nature on display in Male and engages a more expansive vista.

Mountain View lamp. Designed by Dima Loginoff.

Dima Loginoff’s Mountain View Lamp Evokes a Favorite Childhood Icon

Mountain View Lamp. Designed by Dima Loginoff.

No, I’m not thinking of the always enigmatic ship in a bottle, but another potent emblem placed under glass, the ubiquitous snow globe. These amusing devices may be kitschy, but they retain an imaginative and transportive power that has imbued the daydreams of millions of children with the wonder of softly falling snow.

Mountain View Lamp. Designed by Dima Loginoff.

Loginoff’s interpretation of the notion takes a larger view. Yes, the central component has indeed been captured under an impossibly thin and perfectly spherical dome of glass, but the picturesque New England village has been replaced by something decidedly less quaint, significantly more sublime.

Mountain View Lamp. Designed by Dima Loginoff.

In fact, the rocky massif under the throes of Loginoff’s mysterious luminescence is an anti-snow globe of sorts, such does it suggest the terrifying heights, the dizzying precipices, the jagged and monstrous teeth of rock and ice that climbers might face in Wyoming’s Tetons, or, even better, Switzerland’s Matterhorn.

Mountain View Lamp. Designed by Dima Loginoff.

Paradoxically, however, and largely owing to the inclusion of the one visible wire, Mountain View evokes nothing so much as a sense of placidity and calm. The effect of the soft light upon the still life of  a miniaturized mountain conveys a place of profound peace and infinite knowing—the repose of some ancient Yogi or Monk, the pleasure of his company exacted at such great effort that only the truly worthy shall arrive.

Via FastCo Design.

About the Designer: Hairstylist, photographer, animator, videographer, web designer, product designer, and interior designer Dima Loginoff is a true iconoclast. The creator of such enduring pieces as the Bone Lounge, the Trunk Suspension Lamp, and Curl My Light eschews conventionality and embraces an ethos of bold experimentation. Never one to shy away from controversy, Loginoff has shocked, befuddled, and wowed the A&D Scene with daring pieces like the Panic Opera Table, the Vassili High Back Chair, and the Male Suspension Lamp.  In 2012, Loginoff  was awarded the prestigious Red Dot product design award for his ceramic tile collection for Vitra.

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